Linking performance, finance, and strategy to value creation.

Linking performance, finance, and strategy to value creation.

Value Strategy & Modeling

We are committed to helping our clients by providing timely, sophisticated, and reliable advice focused on maximizing total shareholder returns while managing risk.

Corporations often struggle to reach consensus on key decisions due to challenges like acquiring stakeholder buy-in, preparing clear and insightful analyses geared toward educated and unbiased decision making, and ensuring the availability of a skilled team when high-stakes matters arise on a tight timeline. We understand the complexities facing today’s decision makers and leverage extensive valuation and transaction expertise to assist clients in making well-informed, strategic decisions by linking performance, finance, and strategy to value creation.

Our Services

  • Modeling & Analytics: We design and build dynamic financial models for a cross-functional view of your business, focused on growth drivers and KPIs.
  • Value Studies: We provide analysis of your operation’s intrinsic value for strategic planning purposes and offer insight into key value drivers, operational strengths and weaknesses, and competitive positioning among your peers.
  • Strategic Advisory: We evaluate, quantify, and articulate the shareholder value proposition of different strategic options for improved, accelerated decision making.
  • Transactions / Deal Value Capture: We serve as a trusted advisor throughout the lifecycle of your transaction, assisting from the first steps of exploring potential benefits to the final stages of maximizing deal outcomes at and beyond close.

Who We Serve

  • Chief Financial Officers
  • Chief Accounting Officers
  • Corporate Development teams
  • Strategic decision makers
  • Private company owners/operators