Unparalleled expertise in valuing the most complex securities and financial instruments.

Unparalleled expertise in valuing the most complex securities and financial instruments.

Complex Securities & Financial Instruments Valuation

Stout provides analysis and valuation related to complex securities and other financial instruments for financial reporting, tax planning, and investment decision making purposes. Our specialists have broad technical and quantitative expertise, market knowledge, and innovative thinking that, when coupled with our sophisticated quantitative models, help our clients to understand complicated issues, enabling decision making based on robust analysis rather than instinct.

The following is a brief listing of the types of services we can provide:

  • Valuation of Financial Instruments
  • Public and private warrants, founders’ shares, and PIPE investments within special purpose acquisition companies (SPACs) 
  • Preferred and common stock in complex capital structures for public and privately-held companies
  • Equity derivatives (options, warrants with down-round provisions, total return swaps, etc.)
  • Interest rate derivatives (swaps with cap and floors, swaptions, bond options, etc.)
  • Commodity and energy derivatives
  • Foreign exchange derivatives (swaps, forwards, options, etc.)
  • Swaps (interest rate, cross currency, total return, etc.)
  • Structured products (including RMBS, CMBS, ABS, CLOs, CDOs, CLN, ARS, structured notes, etc.)
  • Advanced Analytics & Risk Management
  • Enhance decision making with hard quantitative evidence, accounting for economic uncertainties and market risks. Instinct is no longer enough on its own and needs to be supplemented with advanced forecasting techniques and sophisticated quantitative models based on available data and various decision options that management might select.
  • Assist clients with building complex models or validate client’s models for deals (M&A transactions, carried interests in funds), regulatory requirements, complex derivative valuations, and risk management purposes.
  • Portfolio & Alternative Investment Valuation
  • Hedging Program Implementation
  • Contingent Consideration
  • Share-Based Compensation
  • Valuation of Fixed Income Securities
  • Partially Cash Settled Convertible Debt
  • Patent Litigation Valuation

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