Community Empowering Employee Involvement

Community Empowering Employee Involvement

We encourage employees to become involved in, promote, and support causes that invest in the future of the communities where we work and live.

We support employee involvement through the following programs.

Volunteer Hours Program

Stout gives employees eight hours of paid time off per year to participate in community service projects with a qualified charity of their choice.

Matching Gift Program

Stout matches donations up to $100 a year made by employees to charitable organizations.

Community Sponsorship

We aim to support at least three events per year at every one of our offices, working with local charities and organizations.

Nonprofit Board Participation

Stout offers financial support to help employees provide pro bono services through strategic board positions. Stout will provide up to $2,500 per employee in support of their involvement with a nonprofit organization.

Movement for Meals

In collaboration with Stout’s professional athlete brand ambassadors and their partners, Stout has launched Movement for Meals. This charitable program benefits Food Rescue US and the effort to reduce food waste and insecurity in the country. Our program has enabled Food Rescue US to deliver 900,000+ meals to those in need since 2020.

Volunteer Grant Program

Stout provides a monetary donation to eligible nonprofits as a way to recognize employees who volunteer at those organizations. Our goal is to promote volunteerism among employees and fund nonprofit organizations that provide valuable services in communities where our employees live and work. Stout provides up to $25,000 annually in volunteer grants.