Property Insurance Resource Center

Property Insurance Resource Center

Stout is a leading provider of property valuation and insurance claim solutions. We offer a robust suite of services to policyholders spanning from initial property and business interruption (BI) value estimation to insurance claim preparation and damages quantification.

Our team of valuation, forensic accounting, and risk and insurance professionals are skilled at developing data-driven analyses to assist risk managers, insurance brokers, attorneys, and underwriters with making informed decisions and navigating a myriad of complex risk management challenges.

Insurance Solutions

Insurance solutions


We perform valuations on buildings and equipment to help clients assess exposures and develop their statement of values. We work collaboratively with clients to develop valuation programs that are tailored to meet requirements.

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We employ a factual and analytical basis for quantifying BI exposures that minimize the potential for discrepancies between the insurable risk and scheduled values. We also utilize probabilistic modeling to quantify maximum probable and foreseeable loss for given liability scenarios based on a review of policyholders major operations and assets coupled with an assessment of potential loss scenarios.

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We assist commercial policyholders with quantifying, preparing, presenting, and resolving complex commercial property and liability insurance claims. Our specialized expertise in forensic accounting coupled with the knowledge, relationships, and credibility gained from decades of experience in the field enables us to help our clients adeptly navigate the claims process and achieve favorable claim outcomes.

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We have a deep bench of highly experienced experts who provide testimony and privileged consulting services on a wide range of topics, including financial and economic damages, business and asset valuation, and insurance allocation.

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