Assisted in litigation analysis and insurance recovery of over $150M

Assisted in litigation analysis and insurance recovery of over $150M

Ron, Joe, and their team were engaged to assist a multinational oil and gas pipeline operator in its litigation analysis and insurance claim preparation after a pipeline explosion in a residential area.

As a result of the explosion, the company faced hundreds of claims alleging varying degrees of physical and emotional injury, loss of income, and property damage. Working closely with the client and outside counsel, the team performed an analysis of these claims using its proprietary Plaintiff Valuation Matrix (PVM).

Using the PVM, the team analyzed actual costs, demands, related prior settlements, comparable verdicts in other cases, and additional factors to advise outside counsel and company leadership on litigation valuation and resolution strategy. The additional information allowed the team to place the plaintiffs in tiers that facilitated discussions with insurers and plaintiff counsel regarding the potential exposure for each plaintiff.

The team also used its claims expertise to assist the company in the preparation and submission of its insurance claims related to the incident. They analyzed projected spend related to the incident to forecast which layers of coverage would be reached and when so all stakeholders could plan effectively. They also led effective communication with insurers by holding regular calls with all stakeholders, maintaining a cloud storage site, and playing an active role in mediations.

Working together with company leadership, insurance carriers, and outside counsel, the team coordinated the recovery of over $150 million in damages, vendor costs, and professional fees.

Note: This work was performed prior to joining Stout.