Deep experience helping clients navigate every type of claim - from property damage & business interruption to specialty lines

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Deep experience helping clients navigate every type of claim - from property damage & business interruption to specialty lines

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Claim Preparation & Recovery Solutions

Property Damage & Business Interruption

To achieve maximum value from property and business interruption programs or various types of liability coverage, every facet of the post-event claims process, from strategy to record keeping, requires careful consideration.

Stout’s professionals provide policyholders, brokers, and outside counsel with forensic accounting and related services to prepare, present, support, and help resolve complex event-driven claims. From damage or loss of income claims under first-party property policies to third-party liabilities under a variety of liability policies, Stout has extensive experience with almost every type of claim.


Stout’s experience in preparing complex and large-scale pollution claims for policyholders is unrivaled.  Often, a pollution event such as an oil release or chemical spill produces a wide range of damages to both the policyholders’ property as well as property belonging to third parties. In these instances, a variety of insurance policies could be triggered, including but not limited to Property, Commercial General Liability (CGL), Pollution Legal Liability (PLL), Owner Controlled Insurance Program (OCIP), and Directors & Officers (D&O) policies. 

Stout’s professionals work with clients to analyze, assemble, and appropriately bucket the costs they incur. Our professionals are also uniquely skilled in compiling a comprehensive claim package to provide to the client’s insurers, and this package clearly documents the client’s response to the event and outlines all associated costs with supporting invoices, contracts, and purchase orders. As a result, we help policyholders expedite and maximize recovery efforts across all relevant policies.


Stout provides world-class expertise in the evaluation of construction claims through extensive financial and economic analysis to substantiate the quantum of alleged losses. Our proven combination of testifying experts and industry professionals has helped many leading law firms and their clients successfully resolve even the most complex cases.Stout also has a dedicated Construction Services team with decades of experience in contract negotiation, policy and procedures for cost control, claims avoidance, and more.


Stout is positioned at the forefront of the cyber insurance coverage market. Through our relationships with major brokers, law firms, and corporate clients, we have developed a deep understanding of the key issues surrounding cyber coverage. With this knowledge base, we can provide our world-class consulting services and valuation to this market as it matures.

Specialty Lines

In addition to property and casualty claims, Stout assists corporations and other entities with a variety of specialty claims. We offer a range of unique capabilities in gathering data, analyzing and quantifying losses, and conveying our analysis in clear, concise presentations.


Stout’s experienced team of forensic professionals, including credentialed accountants, as well as valuation and finance professionals regularly assist clients that have experienced, or suspect, losses due to theft, fraud, or other types of asset misappropriation.

In instances where clients hold commercial crime policies, we have worked with client personnel and their legal representatives to conduct investigations, develop findings, and report to insurers within the parameters outlined in the responding policy(ies).

Our investigations include analysis and datamining of policyholders’ books and records, research of public records, and strategic interviews of persons of interest to uncover the truth. We assist policyholders with identifying the type of crime that has occurred, the date of discovery, and the associated facts that support the common policy standard that a reasonable person would assume a covered loss has occurred.

Marine Cargo / Stock Throughput 

Stout has extensive experience developing and presenting claims for losses under Stock Throughput and Marine Cargo Insurance policies. Our professionals are skilled at valuing lost or damaged goods and inventory at all stages of the supply chain, whether its raw materials, goods in the manufacturing process, or finished goods in storage or transit. 

In developing each claim, we provide consideration to the unique circumstance of each loss, valuation clauses of the policy, and potential interplay with other insurance to inform whether the loss should be measured at cost, declared value, replacement value, market value, or sales price. 

Stout has an established track record of assisting policyholders to optimize recovery across all available insurance coverages by employing a thoughtful approach to preparing Stock Throughput and Marine Cargo Insurance claims.

Event Cancellation 

Stout has provided forensic claim preparation services for multiple canceled events stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond. We prepare and present a detailed, credible claim that supports full and fair recovery through a negotiated settlement in the shortest time possible. 

Representations & Warranty 

Stout has significant experience assisting representations and warranties insurance (RWI) policy holders in assessing potential breaches and valuing losses arising from those breaches. Our team of certified public accountants, certified fraud examiners, and valuation experts has unparalleled experience in understanding the RWI claim process and helping our clients achieve successful resolutions.