Tangible Properties Valuations - Property Insurance Renewal and Placement Purposes

For over 10 years, Stout has been the insurable value appraisal provider for a large private vacation ownership company with over 60 properties throughout the U.S. and the Caribbean. Stout appraises the real and personal property associated with the U.S. locations approximately every three years and has valued the vast majority of the owned tangible property over the course of Stout’s relationship with the client. The work Stout performs for the client helps ensure the client is properly insured, therefore avoiding excess premiums or unnecessary risk in the event of a casualty loss. Appraised real property consists of a diverse array of property types, including, but not limited to, administrative and sales offices, timeshare condominiums, log cabins, clubhouses, spas, tennis courts, basketball courts, golf courses, guardhouses, and various other recreation and housing properties. Personal property assets consist of kitchen and food preparation equipment, laundry and cleaning equipment, fitness equipment, computer hardware, audio visual equipment, office furniture and equipment, and mobile equipment.