Independent advice that helps business owners develop successful long-term plans.

Independent advice that helps business owners develop successful long-term plans.

Shareholder & Succession Planning Valuation

Succession planning is as much a personal decision as it is a business decision. Whether you are considering transferring the business to family members, structuring a long-term incentive plan for key employees, forming an employee stock ownership plan (ESOP), or an outright sale of the business, a number of issues require careful consideration and have long-term implications for the business, the family, and the business owner’s estate.

A critical element of succession planning is the business valuation, which can have a significant impact on a range of issues, such as gift and estate taxes, structuring shareholder agreements, or assessing strategic alternatives, such as the timing of a liquidity event. By focusing on the value of the business, business owners can create a successful long-term succession plan, avoid potential conflicts among family members, and align corporate and shareholder objectives.

That’s why it’s important to hire a valuation firm with a deep bench of professionals who understand the complexities and implications of succession planning, can provide the proper perspective in performing the valuation, and will collaborate effectively with your team of advisors.

As one of the largest valuation practices in United States, we have helped thousands of closely-held business owners on valuation assignments for the purpose of assessing buy side and sell side opportunities, establishing buy-sell agreements and employee incentive plans, and estate planning. Understanding the value of the business is often the first step to enable business owners to effectively plan and implement strategic initiatives to maximize profitability and value.  

Our team of accredited professionals has:

  • Extensive experience in the valuation of closely-held business interests, real property, intellectual property, and complex securities
  • Expertise across multiple geographic regions, industries, and disciplines
  • Access to real-world market information from Stout's investment banking professionals

Who We Serve

  • Privately held business owners
  • Wealth advisors
  • Corporate attorneys
  • Trust and estate attorneys
  • CPAs