Adam Jorgensen has over 15 years of experience providing valuation services to both public and private-sector clients. He has extensive expertise across a broad range of industries, including industrial products, automotive, retail and consumer products, technology, media and entertainment, healthcare, oil and gas, manufacturing, distribution, construction, transportation, trucking, restaurants, gaming, professional services, insurance, and financial services.

He advises both publicly traded and privately owned companies on financial reporting matters such as purchase price allocations, goodwill impairments, business enterprise valuations, stock-option valuations, audit reviews of third-party analyses, and the valuation of various intangible assets (i.e., developed technology, trademark/trade names, etc.), utilizing various forms of the income, market, and cost approaches.

He also specializes in performing valuations for taxation compliance and tax planning purposes, with a focus on initiatives such as global restructuring of legal entities and/or intellectual property, GILTI and BEAT planning, Pillar 2 considerations, change in control considerations under § 280G, NOL limitations under § 382, distributions under § 301, REIT conversions (§ 856[c]), non-taxable divestitures under § 355, worthless stock deductions, FIRPTA withholdings, purchase price allocations for tax purposes (§ 1060), legal entity modeling, and more.

Adam also advises executive teams on decision-making in a strategic context through services such as value performance and impact studies, which examine historical value performance and establish a value-based strategy with measured potential value impacts based on various strategic options. Services also include deal value capture studies, which are designed to minimize value leakage by linking commitments made in deal pricing with value capture initiatives post close.

He works closely with corporate boards, management teams, private equity teams, attorneys, not-for-profit directors, and high-net-worth individuals in the context of business valuation, equity valuation, investments, portfolio management, venture capital, and competitive analysis.

Prior to joining Stout, Adam led the Valuation and Business Modeling practice in PwC’s Detroit office. He is a member of the AICPA and is a licensed CPA in Michigan and Illinois.