Providing sound advice in disputes across the financial services sectors.

Providing sound advice in disputes across the financial services sectors.

Finance Disputes

There are few markets more complex, or more important, than financial markets. There are few products more complicated, or more pervasive, than financial products. There are few businesses more powerful and influential, for better or worse, than the large financial institutions that participate in today’s global financial markets. And there are few areas of litigation where understanding how things work and helping others understand how things work are more critical to the outcome of a dispute.

Stout can explain the complex issues in finance and help others understand these issues. Our academic experts literally “wrote the book” on many finance topics; several are among the most prominent researchers and prolific authors in finance. Many of our consulting experts spent years “in the trenches,” trading in the pit, rating mortgage-backed securities, examining and auditing banks, selling whole mortgages, raising funds, and managing initial public offerings. Our expert teams offer clients the benefit of years of research and years of experience, from one source. The result: Sound advice that you can rely on.

Select Sectors & Areas of Expertise

  • Commercial Banking
  • Corporate Finance
  • Corporate Governance
  • Executive Compensation
  • Financial Markets
  • Investment Banking
  • Investment Management
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Real Estate Finance
  • Risk Management
  • Securities & Derivatives
  • Structured Finance