Clarity, vision, and transformative change for complex situations and systems.

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Clarity, vision, and transformative change for complex situations and systems.

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Transformative Change Consulting

Using a unique combination of experience and expertise, we create collaborative environments considering the diverse viewpoints and capabilities of internal and external stakeholders to develop strategic solutions that create long-term, sustainable transformative change toward financial goals, compliance objectives or other shared aspirational milestones. Our Transformative Change practice can uniquely unlock new potential by leveraging Stout's many financial, data, and operational practices, experience, and expertise. 

  • We recognize that each engagement is unique, and each client is unique in the challenges they face and the solutions they need. We begin each engagement focused on learning from our clients, who know their businesses, clients, customers, stakeholders, and industry best.
  • We integrate the views and perspectives of the people and organizations at the heart of every matter. We accomplish this through in-person meetings, interviews, focus groups, and surveys of internal and external stakeholders.
  • We understand that an effective, engage and collaboration organizational culture is essential to transformational change. We work closely with our clients to understand how organizational culture has prevented prior opportunities from being realized and we work collaboratively with our clients to develop pathways to sustainable culture change within the organization. 
  • We work collaboratively to gather internal and external data, research, and information to identify both practical and strategic challenges and opportunities. We understand how data and platforms can be imperfect, but also the strategies to effectively use the data that currently exist and to iteratively evolve to improve data platforms and business intelligence. 
  • Based on this constellation of information, we develop unique analyses and visualizations bringing together the quantitative and qualitative elements from all stakeholders to create innovative strategies.

This process creates highly informed, unique opportunities for transformational change. When combined with feedback processes, iterative learning systems, evaluation metrics, and strategic milestones and goal setting, these strategies result in transformative, sustainable change for our clients.

Our Services

  • Collaborative, multi-stakeholder convening and facilitation
  • Data collection, monitoring, and visualization
  • Data-driven strategy planning, milestone development and implementation
  • Financial / fiscal impact and cost-benefit analyses
  • Pathways to financial goals, compliance, and aspirational objectives
  • Stakeholder and system user research
  • Transformational change strategy development

Why Stout? 

Complex Data Analysis and Visualization

Through sophisticated data analysis tools and visualization techniques, we develop unique insights for transformative strategies for our clients. We frequently use combinations of large public and private data sets, geo-spatial mapping techniques, multi-variate analyses, and other complex analyses. With these tools, we identify challenges, opportunities, and best practices that can be applied in collaborative, iterative processes to drive change in critical situations. In addition, we provide a framework to evaluate the implementation impacts of these strategic solutions.

Proven Track Record

Our strategic solutions have contributed to landmark legislation and legislative reforms. Our strategic consulting for industry and corporate clients has resulted in unique and unparalleled success and solutions, including on matters of historical size and complexity. We have unparalleled experience in these areas and have produced independent expert analyses and reports, which have been featured in prominent publications such as The New York TimesThe Huffington PostAbove the Law, and Law 360, among others.

What Our Clients Are Saying

We work with a diverse base of clients including public and private companies, non-profit organizations, and local, state, and federal government agencies. On a countless number of matters, clients have applauded our work, including the following:


- Delivered unbiased data

- Kept planning and implementation on track

- Independence: All voices were heard, no internal agenda

- Allowed the “leaders” to participate and also learn

- Facilitated meetings, process, and program

- Helped the organization make tough decisions

- Offered useful tools and templates



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