Automotive Component Defect & Recall Consulting

Stout was founded in Detroit over 27 years ago, so our automotive roots run deep. We are recognized internationally as the leading advisory firm in the automotive sector and as preeminent experts on automotive recall risks, data, and costs.

Automotive Component Defect Risk Consulting

Stout professionals provide consulting services and expert testimony for automotive industry warranty and recall programs and disputes. Clients use our analyses to help them understand the risks and economic costs of warranty service repair, recall campaigns, and other actions. We assist clients for a variety of purposes, including risk mitigation, improved business processes, customer and supplier negotiations, claim assessment, and settlement and trial testimony.

We work closely with clients to understand the risk and potential impacts associated with defects of automotive components, whether it be a customer service action, extended warranty offers, a voluntary recall or one required by NHTSA, or other responses to warranty data, component defects, or customer complaints.

Recall Administration and Strategy Consulting

Stout’s exclusive 60-point assessment is the automotive industry’s most comprehensive evaluation of recall preparedness, engagement, and execution. Relying on Stout’s preeminent automotive recall expertise and expansive proprietary collection of automotive component defect and recall data, the framework provides unique multi-faceted perspectives on automakers’ historical recall experience, their defect risk profile, exposure to potential costs, opportunities to cost-effectively enhance recall completion percentages, and identifies cost savings opportunities and efficiencies in all aspects of recall administration and compliance.

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