Neil Steinkamp is a well-recognized expert and consultant on a broad range of strategic, corporate, and financial issues to business leaders and their advisors. He has more than 15 years of experience covering many industries and matter types. Clients seek Neil for his comprehensive understanding of strategic assessments, risk analyses, economic damages, and other complex topics. He has worked extensively to help resolve sophisticated problems involving large-scale industry and social issues.

Neil has provided testimony in a variety of venues, including bench and jury trials and domestic and international arbitration. He has also assisted parties in numerous complex resolutions involving settlement negotiations, mediation, and facilitation. 

In addition, Neil is a well-known author and speaker on important business-related financial topics and industry trends. He has developed leading risk analyses that are widely used across the automotive industry, and he authors the industry's authoritative annual report on warranties and recalls.

He also leads Stout’s Pro Bono practice. In this capacity, Neil has served a wide range of individuals and organizations through the application of financial, economic, and data analysis concepts that benefit low-income individuals and underserved populations.

Select Publications

  • New Risks. New Remedies. Bridging the Gap Between What’s Now and What’s Next. September 2018

    2018 Automotive Warranty & Recall Report
  • American Bankruptcy Institute December 2016

    Understanding Ordinary: A Primer on Financial and Economic Considerations for the Ordinary Course Defenses to Bankruptcy Preference Actions, second Edition
  • American Bankruptcy Institute January 2016

    Guarding Your Character: Demonstrating Intent in Private-Equity Funding
  • Law 360 July 2015

    Informing The Artisan: Reasonable Certainty In Patent Claims Construction
  • Motorworld Magazine May 2015

    How to Prepare for the New Era of Recalls
  • American Bar Association May 2015

    Texas Supreme Court Addresses Standard for Expert Opinion on Damages
  • Journal of Damages in International Arbitration, Volume 2, No. 1 April 2015

    Dollars and Common Sense: Understanding Reasonable Certainty in International Arbitration
  • American Bar Association November 2014

    Bankruptcy Court Eschews Reliance on Multi-Factor Test
  • ABI Committee Newsletter November 2014

    A Test of Character: Challenges to Unsecured Claims in the Mt. Olive Bankruptcy
  • American Bankruptcy Institute Journal August 2014

    Considering a Majority Shareholder’s Wealth in Assessing Solvency
  • ABI Bankruptcy Litigation Committee April 2014

    The Debate Charges On: Is Electricity a Good or Service?
  • Commercial & Business Litigation, ABA Section of Litigation, Volume 15, No. 1, republished by Law360 November 2013

    A Trade Creditor's Guide to Defending "Wrong Payor" Fraudulent Transfer Cases
  • Michigan Defense Trial Counsel, Inc., Michigan Defense Quarterly, Volume 20, No. 1 August 2013

    Reasonable Uncertainty Remains Uncertain
  • American Bankruptcy Institute July 2013

    Understanding Ordinary: A Primer on Financial and Economic Considerations for the Ordinary Course Defenses to Bankruptcy Preference Actions
  • Commercial Fraud Committee, ABI Committee News, Volume 10, Number 3 July 2013

    Valuing Forbearance in Fraudulent Transfer Actions: An Introduction
  • Michigan Defense Trial Counsel, Inc., Michigan Defense Quarterly, Volume 26, No. 1 July 2009

    Distress, Uncertainty, and Consequence – Why Causation is Becoming Center Stage in Damages Assessments
  • Member Publications, January 2009

    Putting a Caliper on Automotive Disputes – Assessing Economic Damages in a Troubled Industry
  • Industry Whitepaper, November 2008

    Amidst Credit Crisis, Planning and Risk Mitigation a Must for Dealerships

Select Presentations and Speeches

  • Unsecured Trade Creditors Committee Tips of the Trade Call May 2017

    Tips of the Trade: Ordinary Course of Business Defense
  • Society of Automotive Analyst’s Automotive Warranty and Recall Symposium March 2017

    Re-engineering Recall: What Will the Future of Recall Look Like?
  • American Arbitration Association December 2015

    The “How To” of Presenting Damages in Arbitration
  • Society of Consumer Affairs Professionals in Business (SOCAP), Annual Conference October 2015

    Automotive Industry Recall Completion Analytics
  • American Bar Association June 2015 Webinar

    Bankruptcy Considerations in Retail: Analyzing Distress in Apparel, Consumer Electronics and Other Retail
  • New York County Lawyers’ Association May 2015

    Using Expert Witnesses Effectively in Litigation
  • American Bar Association Equal Justice Conference May 2015

    Beyond Bean Counting: Measuring the Real Value of Pro Bono Services to Low-Income Micro-Entrepreneurs

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