Samantha DiDomenico has nearly 10 years of experience providing consulting services to for-profit and non-profit clients in a variety of industries. She expertise in understanding large, complex systems and data sets and their intersection with business and social issues.

Samantha’s work often includes conducting economic impact assessments and program evaluations, conducting independent research, interpreting and analyzing voluminous data sets, and developing transformative change strategies for her clients. She has extensive experience related to social issues, court system operations, and governmental agency operations. Clients seek Samantha for her comprehensive approach to problem solving that includes data strategy, collaboration and coordination, financial impact, and change processes.

Furthermore, Samantha has experience leading collaborative settings such as focus groups and multi-stakeholder meetings, which are often a key element of her engagements. Through these interactions, she is able to create an environment where her clients can share their expertise and experiences, which informs her approach to her engagements and ultimately results in the transformative change her clients are seeking.

Prior to joining Stout, Samantha was an Associate at a regional public accounting firm where she specialized in business valuation, litigation support, and taxation.