Jason Evans has more than 10 years of experience providing a broad range of business valuation and financial advisory services for public and large private enterprises.  Jason specializes in the valuation of debt and equity instruments, intangible asset valuations, and enterprise and legal entity valuations for financial and tax reporting purposes as well as corporate strategic planning matters.

Jason is well versed in valuation and accounting guidance related to business combinations (purchase accounting), impairment testing (goodwill and indefinite- and finite-lived assets), and share-based payment awards, and has extensive experience with the expectations of tax and financial reporting advisors and regulators. Jason has extensive experience valuing intangible assets including trademarks, trade names, patented technology and know-how, software, customer-related assets, and non-competition agreements. In addition to his client responsibilities, Jason is active on Stout’s internal Valuation Advisory Resources and Products and Process initiatives, which promote consistency, efficiency, procedures, and other best practices across the firm.

Prior to joining Stout, Jason worked as a Research Associate for FTN Midwest Research Securities Corporation where he assisted with coverage of a universe of primarily large-cap healthcare stocks in the cardiac, dental, ophthalmic and orthopedic industries.