Edward Gold provides liability and damages analysis in complex commercial disputes including intellectual property, antitrust, breach of contract and employment matters. He also frequently consults on non-litigation projects involving compliance, transactions and strategic business decisions.

Ed has over 25 years of economic consulting experience and has been designated as an expert in federal and state courts, the ITC and arbitration proceedings. He has testified or opined in various forums on issues including lost profits, monopolization, reasonable royalties, domestic industry, public interest factors, and exclusion remedies.

Ed also advises clients in many non-litigation matters. He has been appointed three times as a Monitor to the Federal Trade Commission regarding merger remedies and has monitored divestiture obligations for the European Commission and the German Federal Cartel Office. He has led the compliance testing or investigation of numerous business operations relating to issues such as anti-kickback regulations, related party transactions, RAND licensing, and contract provisions. In addition, Ed has extensive experience valuing intellectual property assets, advising on transaction strategies and directly participating in negotiations in the context of licensing, sales and joint ventures.

Prior to joining Stout, Ed was a Managing Director at Invotex. Prior to joining Invotex, he was a Principal at PricewaterhouseCoopers. In 2014 through 2017, he was identified as one of the top economic experts in the IAM Patent 1000.

Select Publications

  • LES Insights July 2016

    "Market Value" Damages: What Are the Implications of Aqua Shield?
  • Law360 January 2015

    Exploring the Nondiscriminatory Aspect of RAND Licensing Terms
  • Litigation Perspectives December 2013

    EPROMs after Kyocera?
  • Litigation Perspectives October 2012

    Proving the Existence of a Domestic Industry is Proving to be Difficult
  • Litigation Perspectives August 2012

    Has Governmental Anti-Kickback Statute Enforcement Kicked Back Royalty Rates?
  • Litigation Perspectives April 2012

    Consideration of ‘Public Interest’ in the Denial of ITC Exclusion Orders
  • BNA’s Patent, Trademark & Copyright Journal March 2012

    Using Investments in Licensing to Meet the ITC’s Domestic Industry Requirements
  • Litigation Perspectives October 2011

    IP Licensing and Antikickback Considerations for Life Science Companies
  • Insurance Perspectives October 2011

    Insurance Mergers & Acquisitions – Economic Issues to be Evaluated
  • Litigation Perspectives July 2011

    Regression Analysis and Credibility in Legal Proceedings: Part II - Data Mining / Over-fitting
  • Litigation Perspectives December 2011

    Questions Stemming from Uniloc v. Microsoft
  • Litigation Perspectives April 2011

    The Value of Decision Trees in Complex Litigation Settlement Negotiations
  • Litigation Perspectives October 2010

    Interpreting Litigation-Related Licenses for Damages
  • Volume 6, Number 3, Executive Counsel July 2009

    Insights from an M&A Monitor

Select Presentations and Speeches

  • ASA Washington, DC Chapter Meeting, Washington, DC March 2016

    "Market Value" Damages: What Are the Implications of Aqua Shield?
  • Beverly Hills Bar Association Chapter Meeting, Los Angeles July 2014

    Commercial Damages: Execution in an Era of Challenges to Admissibility of Expert Opinions
  • ASA Washington, DC Chapter Meeting, Washington, DC October 2013

    Patents: What Can Valuation and Litigation Teach Each Other?
  • LES DC Chapter Meeting January 2013

    What Litigation and Transactions Can Teach to Each Other
  • McGuire Woods Medical Device and Life Sciences Conference November 2012

    The Fair Market Value of Royalty Consulting Agreements in the Arena of Orthopedic Devices
  • LES University, Chicago July 2012

    Masters Class: Principles and Practices
  • Pauline Newman IP Inn of Court, Alexandria, VA March 2012

    Post 25% Rule Thinking for IP Damages & Valuation
  • LES 2011 Annual Meeting, San Diego October 2011

    New IP Valuation Strategies: Post-25% Rule Thinking
  • LES University, Chicago July 2011

    Masters Class: Principles and Practices
  • ABA Sections of Litigation and Criminal Justice Joint Annual Conference 2011, Miami April 2011

    Using Negotiated Settlements to Determine Damages
  • ASA Washington, DC Business Valuation Chapter Meeting, Washington, DC March 2011

    Uniloc and other Key Trends in Reasonable Royalty Damages
  • PricewaterhouseCoopers’ General Counsel Forum, Chicago August 2009

    Antitrust Compliance: A Competitive Strategy in Today's Global Economy
  • PricewaterhouseCoopers and Arnold & Porter joint webcast July 2009

    Fair market value: What medical device companies should know
  • United States Patent and Trademark Office April 2009

    Technology Licensing and Valuation