Care 2 Communities ("C2C"), founded in 2009, is an international nonprofit organization focused on delivering accessible, affordable, and high-quality healthcare in Haiti. C2C has a community-based clinic model premised on providing a "one-stop-shop" clinic that offers physician consultations, a fully stocked pharmacy, and a diagnostic lab on-site. Its social enterprise clinic model leverages philanthropic contributions that fund startup and operating costs until patient fees begin supporting clinic operations, within four to six years. C2C currently operates three community-based, primary-care clinics with additional clinics scheduled to open in 2018.

Stout professionals worked closely with C2C to assist with creating a dynamic profit-and-loss tool to more efficiently update C2C's clinic profitability and understand its operations. Stout also assisted with creating analytical models for understanding C2C's prescription profitability to help standardize medical protocols across clinics. These various models aid C2C in reducing resources necessary for administrative tasks and moving toward having clinics with financially self-sustaining operations.