Candice K. Q. Cornelius has over 9 years of experience providing financial, strategic, and litigation consulting services to Fortune 500 companies, private equity, venture capital, law firms, universities, and various lending institutions in the U.S. and internationally.

Candice has offered both written testimony and deposition testimony on damages relating to patent infringement, trade secret misappropriation, and breach of contract. She has extensive expertise in intellectual property disputes and commercial litigation, including providing discovery assistance, constructing complex financial and economic models, writing reports, and providing deposition support. She has provided consulting services on behalf of plaintiffs and defendants including surrounding issues such as damages, commercial success, preliminary and permanent injunctions, and post-verdict ongoing royalties. Candice also has experience in the valuation and analysis of intellectual property for a variety of purposes including financial reporting, contract negotiations, strategic decision-making, monetization purposes, and financing, among others.

Candice's experience spans a broad array of industries including biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, agricultural equipment, manufacturing, medical devices and diagnostics, consumer products, financial services, and telecommunications, among others.

Prior to joining Stout, Candice was a Financial Analyst and General Ledger Accountant with Deere & Company.