Webinar: Strategies for Wealth Transfer and Asset Protection to Avoid Adverse Tax Consequences presented by Shishir Khetan, Managing Director at Stout

This CLE/CPE webinar for estate planning counsel who advise—or want to advise—private equity and hedge fund founders will discuss the estate planning opportunities presented by carried interest. Shishir Khetan, Managing Director in the Valuation Advisory group will present as a panelist to outline how planners can help structure founders’ transfers of carried interest to family members, dive into the particulars of Chapter 14 of the Internal Revenue Code, explore the unintended impact on founders’ estate planning, and discuss multidisciplinary strategies specialists are implementing for these high net worth clients.

Join this webinar to listen as the panel discusses the estate planning opportunities presented by carried interest. The panel will discuss how a professional team of advisers can work together to provide private equity and hedge fund managers with bespoke carried interest planning techniques that take advantage of wealth transfer opportunities while avoiding unintended adverse tax consequences.

For more information and to view the recording, visit the Strafford Estate Planning and Carried Interest webinar webpage.



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