Tom Lemon has expertise covering the full life cycle of companies taxed as partnerships, including formation; operations; sale/liquidity events; and tax implications of Sections 704(b), 704(c), as well as 734 and 743 basis step-ups. Tom is also highly involved in areas of accounting for income taxes and M&A tax advisory services. He has extensive experience with the preparation and review of income tax provisions, both ASC 740 and IAS 12.

Prior to joining Stout, Tom was a Director at Genova Group, where he led the company's partnership tax consulting group. Before that, he was Vice President of Tax for NewSpring Holdings, a private-equity evergreen fund. He managed tax functions across multiple platforms, including tax provisions, compliance, partnership capital account maintenance, and M&A-related tax issues. Tom's professional career includes 10+ years with Grant Thornton.