Bringing deep expertise to guide clients through the impact of the complexities in tax laws and regulations that affect transactions.

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Bringing deep expertise to guide clients through the impact of the complexities in tax laws and regulations that affect transactions.

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Tax Advisory Services

We bring deep expertise in all aspects of tax law – from federal, state, local, and foreign issues to income, sales, property, and payroll taxes. Our team has the knowledge and experience to quantify issues and bring solutions. We have expertise with C Corp, S Corp, partnership, and asset structures.

Our Services

Mergers & Acquisitions

Our tax experts have the experience and transaction-based knowledge to identify and address any unwanted tax exposures or surprises. Our focus is on identifying potential deal breakers and addressing tax exposures related to transactions. We work with our clients to creatively think through alternative structures and solutions to minimize tax risks and costs. We assist clients with transactions of all shapes and sizes – from small domestic deals to large multi-jurisdictional transactions.

Our services include:

  • Tax due diligence for both buy-side and sell-side clients
  • Tax structuring for acquisitions, joint ventures, mergers, buy-outs, spin-offs, divestitures, and dispositions
  • Tax modeling and comparative benefit analysis for both buyers and sellers
  • Tax impact and modeling for debt restructuring and bankruptcy
  • Tax attribute studies, including 382 net operating loss (NOL) studies
  • State sales tax and income tax remediation services
  • “On-call” tax due diligence technical assistance and support

Financial Accounting and Reporting for Income Taxes

Stout’s tax professionals combine technical expertise with practical experience to deliver reliable work. Relying on our knowledge and understanding the client’s business, we provide customized valuable insight when assisting clients with quarterly and annual income tax provisions. We serve all types of companies ranging from private and public companies as well as start-ups and established businesses.

Our services include:

  • Preparation (and review) of quarterly and annual income tax provisions, including:
    • Analysis for domestic, multi-state, and foreign operations
    • Validating tax balance sheet accounts
    • Calculation of overall effective tax rate
    • Calculation of current and deferred tax expense and benefit
    • Implementing new accounting standards under IFRS and US GAAP
    • Valuation allowance analysis
  • Financial statement remediation and restatement assistance
  • Deferred tax analysis and tax basis balance sheet analysis
  • Tax accounting support related to business combinations or discontinued operations
  • Accounting for uncertain tax position services
  • “On-call” tax accounting technical assistance and support

Specialized Tax Services

Stout’s tax professionals have a wide array of technical experience and expertise. Our tax team can also assist private equity firms with reconciling their capital accounts to ensure accuracy of the partnerships books as well as the partners’ K-1s. Additionally, we can provide companies with various state and local tax consulting advice related to state filing requirements, measuring potential state tax exposure, and any remediation options that may mitigate identified risks.

Our services include:

  • Partnership lifecycle services, including:
    • Sections 704(b) tracking and 704(c) methods
    • Sections 751 and 754 consulting
    • Legal entity optimization
  • Multi-state tax consulting services, including:
    • Income tax
    • Sales/use tax
  • Accounting method studies, including:
    • Determination of timing of income and expense recognition
    • Identification of beneficial accounting methods based on the client’s specific facts and desired objectives
  • Transaction cost analysis
  • Representation & Warranty Insurance consulting

Cost Segregation Studies

Stout's cost segregation studies represent the analysis and allocation, or re-allocation, of construction or acquisition costs amongst various building systems and components. Most commonly, our cost segregation studies are performed to identify and quantify building and site components eligible for accelerated depreciation methods for federal income tax purposes.

Cost segregation studies:

  • Are applicable to both constructed and acquired real estate
  • Can encompass a single or multiple location(s) and placed in service years
  • Involve identifying building and site components that have a shorter tax depreciation recovery period than real property (per the US Internal Revenue Code)
  • Require tax knowledge to identify qualifying assets, and construction industry expertise to quantify related costs

Who We Serve

  • Strategic buyers
  • Private equity funds
  • Sellers
  • CFOs
  • Corporate controllers
  • Tax directors
  • Lenders