John Mertz has extensive experience with tax outsourcing engagements and tax provision projects for Fortune 500, private-equity-owned, private, and public corporations. John focuses on areas of accounting for income taxes and M&A tax advisory services. His experience with the preparation and review of income tax provisions, both ASC 740 and IAS 12, has allowed for value creation across the clients he serves.

Prior to joining Stout, John co-founded Genova Group in January 2016, and he is known for successfully applying overall tax minimization strategies and implementing ONESOURCE Tax Provision software in connection with the overall tax provision process. John has previously served as quality control for numerous tax consulting clients, spearheading all efforts around IPO readiness, acquisition accounting, tax provisions, and high-yield debt financed transactions.

John’s professional career has included years with leading global public accounting firms, such as KPMG and Grant Thornton.