Michael Badea has extensive experience providing a broad range of business valuation and financial advisory services to public and private sector clients.

Michael's experience includes the valuation of debt and equity instruments, enterprise and legal entity valuations, and intangible asset valuations for numerous purposes, including estate and gift taxation, succession planning, income tax requirements, buy-sell agreements, personal goodwill valuations, blockage discount opinions, employee stock ownership plans, shareholder disputes, financial reporting, and other tax, corporate, and litigation-related matters. He has served numerous industries and has provided valuation services to a diverse client base, from early-stage businesses to multi-billion-dollar enterprises, private equity funds and hedge funds, law firms, accounting firms, and high-net-worth individuals.

In addition to his client responsibilities, Michael is active on Stout’s internal Products and Process Committee, which promotes consistency, accuracy, and modernization of Stout’s proprietary models and client deliverables.