Ioannis Michopoulos has experience in complex securities and derivatives valuations, advanced financial analytics, and risk management issues.

Ioannis has provided valuation advisory services to public and private companies, boards of directors, and other fiduciaries in connection with complex business transactions and financial instruments, portfolio valuations, strategic planning, consultation on quantitative topics, bankruptcy and reorganization, shareholder disputes, and other corporate-, tax-, and litigation-related matters. In addition, Ioannis’ valuation experience applies to a broad range of asset classes, including all types of equity-related instruments, embedded derivatives and exotic options, fixed income securities, various structured products, and share-based awards for financial reporting, as well as to tax and estate planning purposes.

Prior to joining Stout, Ioannis was a graduate student in the Master of Finance program at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Sloan School of Management. During the Joint Finance Research Practicum at MIT, he had the opportunity to work with Lazard Asset Management and perform multiple quantitative analyses and develop predictive models for certain emerging stock markets. Ioannis also had the opportunity to perform extensive equity research analysis for Fidelity Management & Research Co., within the Joint Proseminar in Corporate Finance and Investment Banking.

Prior to MIT, Ioannis earned his Bachelor of Science in Accounting and Finance at the University of Macedonia in Greece, where he graduated first among his peers and with the second-highest grade in the history of the department. During his undergraduate studies, Ioannis was the head of the student research group of the Accounting and Finance department. In that role, he performed numerous applied finance research projects, which have been published in various business and academic journals as well as international conferences.

Select Publications

  • Investment Research and Analysis Journal Magazine

    Greek Exporting Activity, Trade Dynamics and Comparative Advantages in Comparison With Neighboring Countries
  • Value Invest Magazine

    The Keys of Tax Avoidance and Tax Evasion: A Theoretical Approach of Applied Methodologies and Companies Policies
  • Investment Research and Analysis Journal Magazine

    Examination of Linkages Between Stock Markets – A Quantitative Approach of Fundamental Statistical Variables
  • Value Invest Magazine

    Examination of Fundamental Correlations and Linkages Among Stock Markets – A Quantitative Approach in Greek, European, USA, and Asian Stock Markets
  • Hrima Magazine, Vol. 361

    Bank Acquisitions and Mergers – Planning, Risks, Return on Capital From A to Z of the Bank Acquisitions and Mergers
  • Hrima Magazine, Vol. 359

    Equity Returns – Are there indexes that forecast the future? What determines stock prices?