Tangible Property Valuations - Property Insurance Renewal and Placement Purposes

We have been engaged over a four-year period to provide insurable values on the property plant and equipment for 79 worldwide locations for a public corporation. In the first year, we will complete studies of their locations in Israel; the second year, the Americas which includes locations throughout north and south America; the third year, Europe; and the fourth year, Asia. The insurable values we provide will be developed on the basis of cost of reproduction new. The valuation analysis will be used for property insurance renewal/placement purposes and to be assist the company with establishing insured values by property for the policy period. We will include the following property classifications: buildings, land improvements (property in the open), leasehold improvements, and personal property (contents). Personal property consists of machinery and equipment, office furniture, fixtures, and office equipment, power feed wiring, manufacturing piping, mobile licensed vehicles, and tooling, change, and spare parts.