As part of the BP/Deepwater Horizon cleanup efforts, we set up and managed a contractor invoice review project where we were responsible for reviewing over $100 million in claims submitted to BP by contractors and subcontractors that were hired as part of the cleanup efforts. Our review included performing various types of due diligence using public records and other sources to substantiate the information being submitted by the contractors.

More specifically, some of our procedures included:

  • Verifying the existence of automobiles, watercraft, and other types of large machinery ownership
  • Reviewing social media and other sources to verify the existence and location of cleanup personnel
  • Performing invoice analysis to determine the accuracy of the information being provided
  • Comparing rates used on the invoices to the BP-approved rates
  • Other procedures as deemed necessary to opine on the accuracy and validity of the invoices being submitted

Our findings resulted in the substantiation of tens of millions of dollars of fraudulent claims.

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