Sell Side

Companies preparing for a sale or divestiture are becoming increasingly more sophisticated and prepared prior to entering a formal sales process. Senior executives are faced with the pressure to convert the process into a sale in a timely manner, maximize value, and reduce the disruption to the day-to-day management of the business.

Enlisting the assistance of an M&A expert to perform sell-side due diligence prior to a formal sales process allows the seller to retain control, mitigate potential risks, and maximize value with the financial data presented to buyers. Stout experts operate as an extension of your team and provide knowledge and insights throughout a transaction. Our sell-side financial due diligence services are highly scalable and can be tailored to meet your needs.

Our Services

We assist sellers in preparation for a potential sale or divestiture. We focus on historical financial information to uncover value and get ahead of potential issues. We can tailor our level of support to fit transactions of all scale and size. Our services assist sellers in:

  • Accelerating the transaction process
  • Mitigating risk associated with the transaction
  • Reducing the burden on the finance team
  • Increasing the likelihood of receiving informed quality bids
  • Maintaining an organized sell process

Other Transaction Advisory Services

  • Reviewing purchase agreements
  • Assisting with post-closing statements and the settlement of net working capital
  • Assisting in discussion with internal or external parties

Who We Serve

  • Private equity funds
  • Corporate development directors
  • CFOs
  • Corporate controllers
  • Tax directors
  • Corporate boards

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