Joe Estabrook is responsible for the performance and oversight of engagements in complex litigation and consulting matters involving valuation, damages, tax and financial issues.

Joe has more than 35 years of consulting experience and has been qualified as an expert witness in business valuations, damages, tax and financial issues, and has valued numerous businesses in a variety of industries that span the economic spectrum. Joe has also been engaged to investigate and analyze numerous losses and improprieties, including inventory losses, misappropriation of funds, searches for hidden assets, undervalued assets, and financial fraud. His experience also includes a number of investigations for hidden assets and tracing relating to separate property issues in domestic cases where he and his team have provided consulting services or he has acted as a testifying expert. He provides attorney case assistance to facilitate the discovery process, develop case strategy, and analyzes experts’ positions.

He has performed hundreds of valuations of closely held business interests, intellectual property, and other ownership interests. The majority of his valuations are performed in the context of litigation, which includes shareholder disputes, domestic relation matters, and dissenting shareholder actions. He also has extensive experience in providing business valuations for estate and gift tax purposes.

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Select Presentations and Speeches

  • American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers January 2017

    Divorcing the Wealthy- Unique Issues and Challenging Valuations in High Asset Cases
  • Georgetown University Law Center, Small Business Law Seminar March 2017

    Buying and Selling a Small Business
  • University of Maryland Law School February 2017

    Marital Property and Divorce Litigation
  • American Bar Association Section of Litigation Annual CLE Conference April 2013

    Merger and Acquisition Litigation: Current Issues and Trends
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    Expert Witness Skills Workshop
  • American Bar Association May 2010

    Section of Family Law Trial Advocacy Institute
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