Legal Lens Podcast: Joel Cohen

Legal Lens Podcast: Joel Cohen

Managing Director Joel Cohen recently sat down with Andy Serbe for the latest episode of the Legal Lens podcast.

September 29, 2023

Joel and Andy talked about asset tracing, cross-border issues, bankruptcy alternatives, and other key elements of advising distressed situations.

While speaking about his experience in the private investment fund industry, Joel discussed the maturing of our legal framework and the gaps and areas where law and precedent are currently being made.

“We have this perception that our legal framework, that our international investing community, is mature and has all of the issues worked out,” Joel said. “We even see legal issues in the media more than ever before. These things are being talked about on a daily basis. And so, we all feel very informed on these issues, but there’s still law to be made. There are still areas of protection that are not there.

Joel and Andy hope that listeners walk away with a greater appreciation for the complexities of resolving distressed situations in the current era and regulatory landscape. 

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