Lea Broka has over 13 years of experience providing claims and dispute advisory services, including litigation and financial consulting services, related to engineering and construction projects.

Lea specializes in financial contract compliance services, dispute advisory services, and financial investigations, with an emphasis on long-term contracting and capital asset construction projects. Lea's work has involved quantification and rebuttal of commercial damages resulting from breaches of contract and construction-project-related damages, including terminations, delays, disruptions, accelerations, scope changes, differing site conditions, and general cost overruns. Lea reviews and analyzes job costs and supporting books, records, and other project documents to determine damage claims that are substantiated, supported, and consistent with the contract terms in order to quantify damage claims that are validated, verifiable, and viable. Quantification and rebuttal of damages includes review, analysis, and testing of project costs that are demonstrated through narratives and supporting schedules. Lea has worked on behalf of both sides, determining excess costs incurred and determining excess payments received beyond incurred costs and markups under a particular contract for work on a project.

Lea also performs preventative project management and business advisory services for active construction projects, including financial contract compliance and construction project cost audit activities on behalf of project owners for projects including development of new and updating and expanding current facilities. Lea verifies the construction costs invoiced to the owner are supported by accounting source documentation and are being billed in accordance with the specific terms of the contractor’s contract with the owner, including costs related to subcontractors, labor, and “other costs” (non-labor or subcontractor costs). Lea also verifies the contractor is complying with other non-cost-related stipulations of the contract, such as lien waivers and insurance requirements. These services are performed for project billings overall at interim periods as well as the preparation and submittal of monthly payment application requests.

Prior to joining Stout, Lea worked as a Manger for Fenix Financial Forensics LLC (F3), where she began in March 2009 as an entry-level Consultant upon relocating to Arizona after graduate school.