Karen Wang focuses on litigation consulting and royalty/contract compliance audit. She has been engaged in intellectual property related matters throughout her 20 plus years career. She prepares damage analyses and performs IP valuations for cases involving IP licensing, patent, copyright and trademark infringement, as well as misappropriation of trade secrets. Karen’s clients come from various industries, including flat panel displays, aerospace, telecommunications, semiconductors, consumer electronic products, biotechnology, auto parts, investment banks, mortgage banking, office product manufacturing, and dairy industries. The types of damage analyses include calculation of lost profits, price erosion, reasonable royalty, unjust enrichment, pre-judgment interest, and loss of business value.

Karen’s litigation consulting experience includes all phases of the litigation process. During the fact and expert discovery phases, she identifies key documents and relevant issues, recommends solutions to the issues and prepares deposition outlines as well as provides vital analysis and information for the experts. During the trial phase, Karen assists the attorneys in forming trial strategy, preparing trial demonstratives and outlines for the case. She manages large, complex litigation projects on behalf of the U.S. government and commercial clients in the areas of breach of contract, fraud, employee theft, antitrust and intellectual property, and has been retained by the Department of Justice as a consultant for breach of contract litigation matters.

In addition to litigation support services, Karen provides services in royalty compliance audit and IP license negotiations. Fluent in both English and Mandarin Chinese, she leads royalty compliance projects in Asia. Through her IP litigation support and royalty compliance work, she has reviewed numerous license agreements, involving international and Fortune 500 companies. Through her review of license agreements, licensee books and records as well as on-site interviews, she has assisted clients in the identification of areas of licensee non-compliance and has uncovered millions of dollars in underpayments.

Select Publications

  • Litigation Perspectives

    Potential Impact of the SHIELD Act on Patent Valuation

Select Presentations and Speeches

  • Michigan Intellectual Property Symposium October 2014

    IP Enforcement in China: Post-Licensing Compliance Program
  • Licensing Executives Society and Association of University Technology Managers September 2014

    Certified Licensing Professional Exam Review Course
  • Industrial Technology Research Institute of Taiwan November 2011

    Monetization of Your IP: Litigation Damages and Post-Licensing Monitoring
  • Hong Kong Institute of Patent Agents August 2010

    Maximizing the Value of Your Intellectual Property via Licensing
  • Invotex Professional Development Series March 2010

    Overview of Foreign Corrupt Practices Act
  • National Institute of Health November 2009

    Valuation of Intellectual Property