Assisted in valuation as company emerged from bankruptcy

Assisted in valuation as company emerged from bankruptcy

Multi-Disciplinary Valuation - Financial Reporting

Stout was engaged by the company which serves as an operator of a coal-fired power plant and mining company that had filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection due to leverage, soft market conditions, and certain equipment failures at the power plant.

Specifically, as part of the reorganization plan and emergence from bankruptcy, Stout assisted in the determination of the enterprise value of the company. In addition, Stout drew from its personnel in regards to the business valuation, real estate appraisal, and equipment appraisal work needing to be completed for financial reporting purposes for establishing the reorganization value of the company as well as for fresh start accounting purposes.

The complexity and specific attributes of the company’s operations and business required significant coordination between the various Stout teams involved (including assistance from Stout’s energy and utilities experts) to work through the complex and detailed fresh start accounting work as the company emerged from bankruptcy.

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