Assessing risks and opportunities to unlock deal value.

Assessing risks and opportunities to unlock deal value.

Integration & Synergy Diligence, Execution, and Support

Integration Diligence

Stout helps assess integration risks and opportunities during the diligence phase, developing a detailed understanding of the operational, organizational, and process changes required to meet deal objectives. During diligence, Stout works with clients to develop a primary view of the integration approach, risk areas, and potential one-time costs, aligning the organization on how the acquired business will be merged into the broader business.

Synergy Diligence

Stout collaborates with client teams to understand potential synergies that could be realized through the integration program, creating a plan that is based on the target and client’s existing cost structure and that is aligned to the integration approach. By leveraging best practices in synergy estimation and realization, we provide greater clarity around the investment required to achieve desired results. 

Integration & Synergy Execution & Support

Stout brings a comprehensive, hands-on approach to merger integration. Our professionals follow a proven methodology to deliver value throughout the deal life cycle. We distill deal strategy into an operating model that creates a competitive advantage and equips organizations with efficiently designed processes and systems.  Stout also supports clients in addressing challenges inherent in the integration process. We leverage best practices and proven integration tools to help companies meet both short- and long-term goals of the transaction.

Stout can support clients during every stage of the transaction, including:

  • Establishing an Integration Management Office (IMO) and integration governance
  • Supporting the development of a joint operating model (JOM) aligned with the deal thesis
  • Developing and executing a pre- or post-close integration plan
  • Managing the IMO in the sign-to-close or post-close period
  • Performing synergy refinement, execution, and tracking
  • Creating an operating model and organizational design
  • Completing Day One and Day 100 planning
  • Performing synergy diligence, planning, and execution
  • Designing communication strategies

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