Michelle Brower specializes in the valuation of business enterprises, working capital assets/liabilities, and intangible assets for both financial and tax reporting purposes. In addition, she has provided valuation and litigation advisory services for numerous other purposes, including corporate strategic planning, estate and gift taxation, Employee Stock Ownership Plans, Subchapter C to Subchapter S conversions, purchase and sale advisement, stock options, valuation discounts and other tax, corporate and litigation related matters.

Michelle has significant experience in a wide range of industries and is the co-lead of Stout's Automotive practice. Michelle has also provided valuation services for several international clients and has experience completing large-scale legal entity valuations for global companies as part of corporate tax restructurings as well as executing financial reporting engagements under US GAAP, IFRS, and other international accounting standards.

Michelle has presented continuing education seminars on the subject of business valuation for financial reporting purposes and authored numerous publications as well. Further, Michelle is executive advisor to Stout’s Women’s Resource Group.

Select Presentations and Speeches

  • MACPA Mergers & Acquisitions Forum June 2009

    Implementation Issues with FAS 157 - Fair Value Accounting
  • MACPA Mega Conference May 2009

    Deconstructing 141R – Practical Valuation Guidance in the Context of SFAS 141R and SFAS 157
  • International Right-of-Way Association – Chapter 7 2008 Fall Conference September 2008

    The Difference Between Business Valuation and Real Estate Valuation
  • Annual Current Accounting Issues Conferences May 2008

    Business Combinations: Revision to SFAS 141
  • MACPA West Michigan Accounting & Auditing Symposium May 2008

    Asset Impairments
  • Fall Accounting Conference October 2007

    Asset Impairments