Provided lease accounting services to global retail coffee company

Provided lease accounting services to global retail coffee company

Matt and team provided technical and operational lease accounting implementation services to one of the largest retail coffee companies in the world.

Client challenge: The client faced significant challenges implementing their leasing software and were running out of time before their required adoption date. The client also faced several complex accounting challenges that were still unresolved by the time we were engaged.

Solution: We were able to identify the root cause of their issues, create appropriate workarounds in order to meet their adoption deadline, and answer their complex accounting challenges. Post-adoption, we assisted with the implementation of a new leasing software and the creation of best-in-class operational processes to make their lease accounting more efficient.

Outcome: We met or exceeded all demanding deadlines and obtained auditor approval for all complex accounting questions. This resulted in building strong relationships and becoming a trusted advisor to the Company.

Note: This work was performed prior to joining Stout.

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