October 10, 2019

Dear Clients and Friends,

In 2017, after decades of advocacy by tenant organizers, New York became the first U.S. city to establish a law that guaranteed a right to counsel for tenants in eviction cases. In the several years since, New York tenants and the city itself have experienced the significant benefits of this law. Across the country, other cities and states have followed suit, with tenant organizations, attorneys, bar associations, and local legislators looking to establish similar laws for a legal right to counsel.

Stout’s expert report on the cost-savings the new law could create for the city contributed to the important fiscal dialogue that assisted policy makers in their consideration of this landmark legislation. We take great pride in our analyses of influential matters such as the right to counsel and have been assisting others beyond New York. From individual meetings to national conferences, Stout has worked closely with tenant organizers, legal aid organizations, lawmakers and bar associations, many of whose constituents face the social and financial hardships that accompany evictions. Our legal partners and tenant advocates nationwide have incredibly interesting stories to tell, and I invite you to read about their efforts in our profile on the right to counsel efforts in the U.S.

Also with interesting stories to tell are Stephanie Davies and Blake Otté, Stout’s Co-Heads of Sponsor Coverage. Since joining the Stout family in early 2018, Stephanie and Blake have been instrumental in expanding partnerships with private equity firms throughout the country. Their specialized roles have provided unique opportunities not only to increase the number of M&A deals at the firm, but also showcase Stout’s investment banking expertise across all industries. You can read about their business strategies and hard work in detail in our Q&A with them.

Our Valuation Advisory group has been hard at work, as well, especially when it comes to making sense of changing financial regulations. We take a detailed look at several accounting standards as well as a recent SEC decision that calls for increased oversight of audit professionals. Our team also examines ways that banks can improve their loan-valuation techniques and offers tips for banks’ model risk management practices. Additionally, we assess valuation strategies for assets in the closely watched oil and gas sector.

Among other articles are takeaways from Delaware Chancery Court decisions, a discussion on “gray market” goods and their negative impact on global brands, a technology framework for attorneys, an analysis on the importance of insurable property values in M&A transactions, and a conversation with intellectual property expert David Kappos.

This latest edition of The Journal is just a small sampling of the professional knowledge throughout our firm. No matter the type of engagement, we always strive to ensure that we exemplify this breadth of expertise that our clients deserve. As you read, I hope you gain some insight on a broad and diverse range of important issues.

Craige Stout