100 Years of Le Mans 24 Hours and Stout’s Partnership With SCG

100 Years of Le Mans 24 Hours and Stout’s Partnership With SCG

June 09, 2023

This year marks a special milestone in the world of motor racing: the 100-year anniversary of the iconic Le Mans 24 Hours, which will take place on June 10-11, 2023.

Stout is collaborating with Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus (SCG), a respected Hypercar manufacturer, to leverage this platform to drive impact beyond the racetrack. Mathis Wilke, Managing Director at Stout, discusses the Stout-SCG partnership and how they are using the global stage of endurance racing to make a significant difference in communities around the world.

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How are Stout and SCG driving impact beyond the track?

Mathis Wilke: Stout and SCG have initiated an exciting collaboration to excel in their respective fields while also contributing significantly to society. We’ve launched a project called “Glickenhaus X Stout,” which uses the broad social media and networking reach of both partners to support non-profit organizations during the World Endurance Championship (WEC) season.

SCG’s method of impact extends to the world of art, as they invited Jisbar, a French street pop artist, to paint a portion of the SCG Hypercar. Jisbar also customized an SCG helmet for the 2022 Le Mans 24 Hours, and this year’s car was unveiled for the Le Mans 24 Hours and will be used in the remaining races of the WEC 2023 season.

This unique art piece, a portion of the SCG hypercar, is not just a testament to artistic creativity and automotive prowess; it also becomes a tool for charitable contribution when it’s signed and auctioned off, with the proceeds directly benefiting the chosen non-profit organization. Thus, this venture effectively combines the domains of endurance racing, investment banking, art, and charity, driving a profound impact beyond the world of racing.

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What values do SCG and Stout share?

Mathis Wilke: SCG and Stout share a range of core values that reflect in their collaboration. These include a commitment to endurance, symbolized by their involvement in long-distance racing and investment banking. Both fields require consistent dedication, robust teamwork, and unwavering pursuit of excellence. They also uphold a trusted relationship, as evidenced by their collaboration in support of non-profit organizations. Moreover, both entities have a shared passion for their work and an insatiable drive for excellence, with both constantly pushing the boundaries in their respective fields. These shared values lay a solid foundation for their partnership, driving impact on and off the track.

How does the Le Mans 100-year anniversary fit into this initiative?

Mathis Wilke: The 100-year anniversary of the Le Mans 24 Hours is an exceptional occasion in the world of endurance racing. Given the heightened attention towards this historic event, it provides an incredible opportunity for Stout and SCG to increase awareness and support for their initiative. The increased viewership, especially this year, offers a larger platform for the non-profit organizations supported by Stout and SCG. With more people following the WEC calendar and the Le Mans celebration, there’s an increased chance to drive significant impact through their initiative.

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