We served as exclusive financial advisor to the board of IGDRASOL, Inc. Our services were in connection with the company’s sale to Sorrento Therapeutics, a publicly traded, development-stage biopharmaceutical company focused on the discovery, development, and commercialization of novel and proprietary biotherapeutics for the treatment of a variety of disease conditions, including cancer, inflammation, metabolic, and infectious diseases. IGDRASOL’s lead compound, Cynviloq, is a next-generation paclitaxel formulation (chemotherapy agent) in development for the treatment of solid tumors, including metastatic breast cancer, non-small-cell lung cancer, and pancreatic cancer. Cynviloq is currently approved and marketed in several countries, including South Korea for metastatic breast cancer and non-small-cell lung cancer under the trade name Genexol-PM.

Note: This work was performed prior to joining Stout.