Stephen Buffo 为卷入复杂的商业诉讼和企业纠纷事务的诉讼律师和内部法律顾问提供金融和经济损失咨询服务。

Steve 拥有超过 25 年的咨询经验,在商业合同纠纷、知识产权与侵权事务、大规模侵权行为与集体诉讼以及涉及反垄断、不正当竞争、侵权干扰、虚假广告的反竞争行为方面具有专家证人资格。他运用了财务、经济、会计和统计分析方法,包括损失利润、价格侵蚀、追缴、合理版税、转让销售、纠正成本、减轻成本、现金流量贴现、预先判断利益、现值贴现、增量成本、能力评估、间接费用分摊、市场占有率分析以及企业估值和相关方法。他自己曾利用并验证应用统计学的方法,包括回归分析和分层随机抽样。

在加入 Stout 之前,Steve 曾效力于安永,也是为客户就各种其他的法务会计和有关服务提供建议,包括调查反海外腐败法违反情况以及公司合规计划与相关治理和风险管理问题的制定与实施。


  • Litigation Services Handbook: The Role of the Financial Expert, Fifth Edition May 2012

    Co-author of Chapter 2 (“Serving as a Financial Expert in Litigation”) and Chapter 16 (“Punitive Damages”)
  • Ernst & Young LLP June 2011

    Competing for your employees’ hearts and minds: What to do given the whistleblower provisions of the Dodd Frank Act


  • Thompson Hine June 2015

    Business Succession Planning and Ownership Disputes: Putting a Price on the Exit Strategy
  • CFA Society of Cleveland May 2015

    We Are Never Getting Back Together: Disputes Between Owners in Closely-Held Businesses
  • Cleveland Intellectual Property Law Association and the Northern & Central Ohio Licensing Executives Society February 2015

    Reasonable Royalties and Licensing Law Update
  • Ohio Association of Civil Trial Attorneys, Business & Commercial Litigation Seminar August 2014

    How to Review a Valuation Report
  • Financial Poise Webinar June 2014 网络研讨会

    All About Business Valuations: Valuing Lost Profits for Litigation Purposes
  • Ohio State Bar Association May 2014

    Damage to People; Damage to Business – How Do You Prove It?
  • Federal Bar Association Northern District of Ohio Chapter April 2013

    Commercial Damages 101