Andrew Fargason 在估值和并购方面拥有广泛的国内外经验。他的资产和企业估值经验涉及多个行业。Andrew 出于各种目的对股权、债务和衍生证券(包括股票期权、认股权证和各种嵌入式衍生品)以及各种无形资产进行估值,包括购销建议、财务和税务报告、公允和偿付能力意见以及其他与公司、税务和诉讼相关的事项。

在加入 Stout 之前,Andrew 是另一家国际估值公司负责财务估值业务的董事总经理。在任职期间,Andrew 的职责包括负责公司在亚特兰大和菲律宾马尼拉的办事处。在那之前,他在安永担任估值咨询小组的经理。


  • ASA 2017 Advanced Business Valuation Conference October 2017

    Market Participant Acquisition Premiums (MPAP): The Final Word
  • SEC Professionals Live Broadcast to all Chapter Meetings September 2014

    Dealing with Fair Value in a Transactional Context
  • AICPA Forensic & Valuation Services Conference November 2013

    Advanced Purchase Price Allocation Issues
  • Hot Topics for Financial Executives Seminar October 2012

    Cutting Through the Noise: An Overview of Current Financial Reporting Guidance Related to Fair Value Measurement
  • Business Valuation Review Webinar April 2010 网络研讨会

    Control Premiums: Application and Analysis
  • AICPA/ASA National Business Valuation Conference November 2005

    Case Study: Anatomy of an Intangible Asset Valuation Engagement
  • October 2001

    SFAS 141 and 142 - Business Combinations, Goodwill and Other Intangible Assets