IP Insights Webinar Series Part 1: Standard Essential Patent Licensing Strategies

IP Insights Webinar Series Part 1: Standard Essential Patent Licensing Strategies

Standard Essential Patent Licensing Strategies

5G is the New Frontier

IP Insights Webinar Series: Standard Essential Patent Licensing Strategies

It’s well known that licensing of Standard Essential Patents (“SEPs”) is a long-standing tradition in the telecommunications and consumer electronics sectors. Performing valuations, determining appropriate royalty rates, and licensing on a Fair, Reasonable and Non-Discriminatory (FRAND) basis is an expected, but often complicated practice for use of technologies including wired and wireless connectivity, video encoding, and charging, to name a few.

With the advent of 5G and wireless functionality starting to proliferate to a broader and more diverse set of consumer and commercial products, SEP patent owners are ready to extend their reach. The analysis of what constitutes a FRAND rate will soon need to account for different use cases in consumer products such as smart home devices, wearables and automobiles (so-called Internet of Things) as well as a wide variety of commercial verticals such as medical devices and patient monitoring (Healthcare IoT); and smart manufacturing, smart warehousing, power management, pipelines, refineries and construction equipment (Industrial IoT).

In this webinar:

Stout Managing Directors John Bone, Mitch Rosenfeld, and Scott Weingust discuss how companies in automotive, industrials, and other sectors can both prepare for and mitigate the risk of SEP licensing offers that are bound to come quickly from 5G patent holders. Specifically, this webinar covers:

  • The 5G patent landscape and how it is evolving from earlier standards
  • How different use cases can impact licensing discussions
  • Valuation methods (and challenges) for determining FRAND licensing terms
  • Recommended approaches