Operational Transformation Project with NYCHA

Operational Transformation Project with NYCHA

Operational Transformation Project with New York City Housing Authority

The Baez v. NYCHA case was brought on behalf of thousands of New Yorkers with asthma, living in public housing with mold, leaks, and excessive moisture and thus having health challenges exacerbated by their living conditions. NYCHA is required to remediate 95% of certain mold and leak work orders with seven to 15 days. NYCHA had not demonstrated it had a reasonably accurate data process to measure its compliance or identify why remediation was taking so long.

The court appointed Stout as the Independent Data Analyst as part of NYCHA's consent decree. Stout's primary roles are:

  1. Assist NYCHA with refining its quarterly reporting
  2. Operate an independent call center to field resident complaints and ensure NYCHA resolves the complaints in a timely manner.

Such activities include:

  • Revised court-required reports and creation of a data visualization platform to monitor incremental progress
  • Development of organizational tools and operational prioritization plans for immediate improvement
  • Bi-weekly in-person meetings with NYCHA
  • Monthly collaborative multi-stakeholder meetings
  • On-going identification of culture change opportunities through resident engagement, staff feedback, and regular dialog of challenges and opportunities
  • Data integrity reviews and data system process improvement strategies
  • COVID-19 prioritization planning to minimize backlog while addressing staffing constraints

We are actively assisting NYCHA with understanding its data better and how the data can be used to foster sustainable change in compliance and resident engagement, as well as developing iterative processes for identifying issues and creating systemic solutions leading to cost savings through operational efficiency and the significant reduction of recurring issues.