Investors Eye Opportunities Amid CPA Firm Consolidation Surge

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Investors Eye Opportunities Amid CPA Firm Consolidation Surge

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June 05, 2024

With consolidation in the professional services space at an all-time high — particularly with CPA and accounting firms — how can investors properly take advantage of this opportunity?

CPA and other professional service firms can often be creative with accounting, requiring a keen eye to get to the bottom line. As such, firms and investors approaching these types of transactions must understand these firms’ operations and ensure diligence is focused in the right areas.

Our exclusive article dives deep into the intricacies of due diligence for CPA firms, revealing the essentials you need to get diligence right.

Discover the State of the Market

Explore the recent surge in M&A activity within the professional services sector, and CPA firms in particular, and uncover the driving forces behind this consolidation wave. From strategic partnerships to labor market dynamics, understand the key factors shaping the landscape. Learn how consolidation is reshaping the industry and uncovering opportunities for growth.

Explore Alternative Practice Structures

Discover how private equity firms are leveraging Alternative Practice Structures to invest in CPA firms without direct ownership. Uncover the mechanics of APS and its implications for capital infusion, regulatory compliance, and business growth.

Navigate Unique Accounting Considerations

Delve into the nuances of accounting for CPA firms, from partnership compensation dynamics to the manipulation of work in process.

Seize Post-Transaction Opportunities

Learn strategies for leveraging investor support to drive M&A initiatives. From add-on acquisitions to synergies and multiple arbitrage, discover how firms can capitalize on newfound capital for exponential growth.

Leverage Expert Guidance

Understand the value of expert advisors with deep industry knowledge in navigating professional service firm acquisitions. Whether you’re dealing with financial intricacies to legal considerations, ensure you have the right guidance to maximize your investment potential.