2018 Automotive Warranty & Recall Report

2018 Automotive Warranty & Recall Report

New Risks. New Remedies. Bridging the Gap Between What’s Now and What’s Next.

Stout's fourth annual report builds on the original research that Stout began in 2013. As in years past – to complete this report – Stout has compiled and analyzed data from a vast array of sources, including the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), several international databases, financial reports, and other sources.

This report leverages Stout's qualitative and quantitative approaches to understanding automotive industry recall trends and risks. Based on Stout's extensive experience serving automotive industry clients - from OEMs and suppliers to insurance and risk-management professionals, lawyers and litigators, and other advisors to the automotive industry - the data and insights found in this report are meant to help inform and shape future recall risk management strategies.

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