Assisted power company with accounting control and policy compliance

Assisted power company with accounting control and policy compliance

Plant, Property, & Equipment: Financial Reporting Purposes

As a leading power company in the U.S., Stout's client provides electricity; system power, distributed generation, solar and wind products, backup generation, storage and distributed solar, demand response, energy efficiency, electric vehicle charging stations, and on-site energy solutions; carbon management and specialty services; and various energy services, such as operations, maintenance, technical, development, and asset management services. It owns and operates approximately 50,000 megawatts of generation and operates 90 active fossil fuel and nuclear plants, 16 utility scale solar facilities, and 36 wind farms and multiple distributed solar facilities. With over $26 billion in assets, the company must conduct an inventory of every plant once every seven years for internal accounting control and policy compliance purposes.

Stout's professionals, who have extensive energy experience and understanding of fixed asset records, completed these studies at 10 locations throughout the U.S. These studies included land improvements, computer and network equipment, leasehold improvements, building structures, plant equipment, rolling stock, furniture and office equipment, automobiles and the power plants.

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