Performed evaluation for Indian Tribe expanding gaming operations

Performed evaluation for Indian Tribe expanding gaming operations

Our client was an Indian Tribe undergoing a significant expansion of its gaming operations, including the development of a large casino, luxury hotel, and residential properties. The client and outside legal counsel engaged us to undertake deep background and evaluation work with respect to a large number of partners and persons, including the developer, gaming equipment suppliers (gaming leasing companies), management company, gaming machine suppliers, and investors in those entities who held a 5% stake or more. The work assists the client and regulators in making suitability determinations.

The work consisted of the following: significant searching and analyzing disparate types of public records (litigation, regulatory filings, media, property records, criminal records, trust documents, and others); performing a forensic accounting review of transactional records, bank accounts, tax returns, and other financial records; reviewing and understanding complex deal documents; conducting sensitive interviews of applicant/applicant representatives and third parties; and drafting interim reports and more detailed comprehensive reports.

Our work assisted the client in understanding the backgrounds and experiences of the players, preventing criminal elements or controversial figures from being involved in the venture, complying with Tribal and federal regulatory requirements, and ensuring the successful operation of the project.

Note: This work was performed prior to joining Stout.