Radd Riebe 是估值咨询小组的高级顾问。他在公司的信托和不动产咨询服务小组拥有丰富的经验。

Radd 拥有超过 35 年的企业估值经验,涵盖范围广泛的行业,超过 3,000 项业务;他的估值服务广泛应用于公允意见、遗产税和赠与税、雇员持股计划 (ESOP)、婚姻关系解除、股票期权授予、资本重组、封锁意见、购买/出售协议、并购、第 C 分章 (Subchapter C) 到第 S 分章 (Subchapter S) 的转换,以其他税务、公司和诉讼相关事宜。

Radd 曾就企业估值的各种主题召开继续教育研讨会,并发表了有关遗产税和赠与税估值主题的文章。他目前担任 Trusts & Estates 杂志估值委员会主席。他被克利夫兰的遗产规划委员会选为 2014 年杰出遗产规划师。他还作为专家证人就估值问题作证。


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    The Winter of our Discontent?
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    The Wait is Over
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    Wait and See
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    Opportunities from Unusual Places
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    Charitable Contribution of Intra-Family Notes
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    An Election Year Race - For Taxpayers
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    Upside Down in 2011
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    The Waiting Game
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    The Feds Carry a Bigger Stick
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    Discount Before the Deal is Done
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    Don’t Accept Defeat
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    Level of Value Implications in Light of Eckelkamp
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    IRS Successfully Attacks Family Partnerships


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    Industry Update on Trends That Are Breaking in Family Business Enterprises
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    Estate Planning and Valuation Issues in Today's Trumped-Up Environment - A New World Order?
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    Beyond the Leveraged ESOP
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    Positioning Your Business for Sale