Performed Market Analysis of LawHelp Online Document Assembly Program

Performed Market Analysis of LawHelp Online Document Assembly Program

Stout was engaged by the Ohio Legal Services Association (OSLSA) to conduct an independent market analysis of LawHelp Interactive (LHI). Stout performed its work across four phases, detailed below. 

Phase I: Stout spent the first four weeks of the strategic planning process ensuring that we thoroughly understood the intricacies of LHI, including its current capabilities, the competitive landscape, funding sources, and where management sees opportunities for growth.

Phase II: Through the next six weeks, Stout sought to understand more fully the role of the Program in the markets for document assembly and other forms of legal technology, and then assess the areas in which LHI is underutilized, identifying opportunities for LHI to expand its presence in the market and in the movement for access to justice.

Phase III: In the next five weeks, Stout set priorities, assisted LHI in developing goals, and created pathways by which it could achieve those goals. As an element of the priority-setting process, Stout developed tools that would enable LHI to conduct further priority-setting in the context of client acquisition and program management regularly and effectively.

Phase IV: Throughout the final eight weeks of conducting the market analysis, Stout developed organizational, managerial, and strategic recommendations for LHI, and incorporated them into a final report for submission to OSLSA.

Stout’s analysis of LHI resulted in a recommendation for a holistic strategy that incorporates both a professional services mindset and targeted market engagement. The strategy involved a combination of court and legal aid targeting based on market intelligence that would then enable prioritization and eventually project engagement, all within a professional services client delivery model.