Provided transaction advice for our client’s investment strategy

Provided transaction advice for our client’s investment strategy

International Investment Advice - Fairness Opinion

The client engaged Stout as a financial advisor to provide transaction advice related to an international investment. Along with a financial sponsor, the client invested in a retail mortgage loan originator and servicer with a focus in home mortgage loans in Asia. Stout’s objective was to opine on whether the investment could be expected to meet the required investment returns.

In rendering an opinion, we considered the client’s investment strategy and limits, and analyzed the investments benefits and drawbacks as well as its suitability for our client’s investment strategy. In addition, our due diligence included discussions with the financial sponsor concerning the company’s business, operations and historical performance and investment thesis. We also reviewed and analyzed company financial projections, the terms of the transactions, various third party diligence reports, and financial statements for the target as well as companies we deemed comparable. In addition to analyzing the company’s projected cash flows, we analyzed the track record of the financial sponsor, and sensitized various assumptions to estimate the impact of various initiatives might have on the investment.

The investment is tracking to plan and to date, it is meeting and exceeding the return requirements.

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