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Steady Hands in Asia Address Dynamic Markets

Stout’s Asia-based managing directors discuss the region’s economic growth, M&A activity, sectors to watch, market complexities, and learnings from the U.S.


Industry Spotlight: Industrial Supply

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The industrial supply sector has continued to experience a significant amount of M&A activity driven by both strategic and private equity buyers. Strategic acquirers drove vertical integration across various sub-segments in addition to expanding geographic footprint while enhancing product offerings. We anticipated the industrial supply M&A market will remain robust, driven by consolidation, economic growth, and an uptick in infrastructure investment especially in North America where key infrastructure requires upgrade or replacement in the coming decade.


Featured Services: Solvency Opinions 

One of the key considerations in any highly leveraged transaction is whether the company will have the ability to continue servicing its debts and still fund its ongoing operations in the future. While solvency opinions provide support and confidence to key stakeholders that the deal will not result in an undue financial burden, not all solvency opinions are created equally. The important factors to consider in assessing the strength of a solvency opinion are the selection process for the firm that is providing the opinion, the approach and analysis used by the provider for developing the opinion, and the ability of the provider to defend that opinion in a court of law or other venue should that become necessary.

Stout provides a fresh, independent perspective by using proven valuation techniques, sophisticated financial and cash flow modeling, thorough industry analysis, extensive due diligence, real-world deal knowledge, and decades of experience providing hundreds of solvency opinions on a range of complex deal types.


Webinar: Financial Analysis for the Boardroom

Stout Managing Directors Tim Cummins and T.J. Hope will be joined by board director Michael Day to lead participants through a case study of a company facing the decision of whether to sell one of its operating divisions.  The presentation will focus on an assessment of an unsolicited offer to purchase a non-core business unit of the company, as well as the impact of the potential transaction on the company’s remaining (core) business. To join this insightful webinar, click here.